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      1. About

        UE R&D Department

        Release Time | 2017.12.26

        UE's R&D center was established in 2001, and enlarged to four mature departments by nowadays. There are Office chairs R&D Department, Massage chairs R&D Department, Functional furniture hardware R&D Department and Sofas R&D Department, consisting of nearly 70 R&D personnel. The R&D center owns outstanding advantages on steel-plastic structure design and soft-cushion developing by advanced 3D drawing, laser pile of plastic molding, laser machining, CNC etc.  It provides the most favorable guarantee to achieve customers' ideal imagination and design, and also collaborates developing in a comprehensive range.


        UE will layout nearly 100 office chairs, massage chairs ,Functional furniture hardware and Sofas annually. Currently, UE product category consists by office chair, high-grade massage chair, various business sofa and functional sofa. By the meanwhile, UE will establish innovation and design center with Zhejiang University, Hunan University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.